Monday, January 19, 2009

Finished WISP's

Yeah for me! I have completed one of the items on my WISP list. As you may remember I have joined a challenge to complete one project a month. If you don't, that's okay. Just look on my sidebar and you will see a button that you can click on to learn more about it. Anyway, I have committed myself to so many projects, that it seemed I could not get my WISP's done to complete one project a month. But I eeked out some time and got one done.

This is an apron I made out of 3 bandana's. Peeking her arm out behind me is a trashbag lady I made. She still doesn't have any hair so she couldn't make a full body guest appearance. I may have to add her to my WISP list as well. Hmm, well back to the apron. The bodice part I learned from a fellow Apronista. Still didn't get it quite right to fit my small bodice, and I do mean small, but I like it and think it came out pretty good. Check back again for more of my completed WISP's as I'm determined to get more than just this apron done. Like Justin's Panther's pillow, and Alani's purse, and...


Dragon's Dolphin said...

OK I'll ask the question! What is a WISP? Good job on the apron too.

Three Prince Designs said...

I love the apron- what pattern or tutorial did you use from apronista?

Carlotta said...

LOL, Shelly, WISP stands for Work In Slow Progress. Thanks for the comment.

Melissa I don't remember who I got the tutorial from. I have it written down somewhere. Thanks for the comments.