Saturday, May 30, 2009

Does it bug you too?

I was listening to the car radio today, and heard a song that I briefly heard once before. So I'm all excited because I finally get to hear the entire song, YIPEE!! I think it's a lovely song and I wouldn't mind having it, I must know who sings it. So, when the song finishes I wait for the jockey to let us know who the artist is, but he doesn't. That really bugs me. I guess they think maybe we listen to the radio often enough to know by now who are the artists of the songs they play. But I don't. So when the children and I made it back home, I did an extensive search to find out for myself who the artist of that song was. And I did. He's a young man from Detroit named K'Jon. The song is called On The Ocean and is playing on my playlist. So if you have the volume on the speakers turned off, turn them on so you can listen to the muse for my drawing below.

I really like this song. The beat takes me back to when my husband and I were stationed in Korea together. That was a very special time for me. Anyway, when I heard this song I just felt a need to draw it. So I did this drawing, nothing spectacular, but it's something else that I enjoy besides sewing. And I really needed a break from the sewing machine. Until tomorrow that is.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Alani's Chinese Coins Quilt

Do you all remember the monster quilt I started for my oldest baby? It began as a strip like this...

and is now starting to look like a quilt. The pic doesn't look as good as the quilt. I guess it was the not so bright lighting last night. But there are 6 strips of coins with sashing and outer border. I still have to put another border and the backing and you know the rest of the stuff that goes into it, but I have made some progress. And I must say, we are in love with it.

I also wanted to share some postcards I made for a postcard swap. These were already received by other swappers. This one is my favorite. I didn't realize how crooked the card is. I'll have to work on that for my next swap.

This wedge shoe and handbag is a close second to the little black dress.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oh My Goodness!!!

I am outraged!! Lil Kim was just voted off Dancing with the Stars. She was in the bottom two along with Ty Murray. The judges votes, and the viewers votes were not enough to send her to the semi-finals next week. Now, Ty has come a long way, but come on!! He truly can not out dance Lil Kim. I think the viewer votes he received was due to the fact that he's married to Jewel. The audience was shocked when her name was called. I'm sure Ty himself thought he was going home. But, it seems the viewers loved him more than Lil Kim. It's not the dancing that gets you through it seems, but your stardom, as was seen in this case.