Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Calendar Quilt Up to Date

My calendar quilt is up to date you guys. This is a pic of the strips I've sewn so far. I have had some change of mind about this quilt though. I think that instead of the 1"x10" strips I have now, I will make the strips a bit larger. Or maybe not use strips all the time. I may want to use a square every now and again. I know for sure that once I finish using the strips I've already cut, I will start adding some variation to this quilt. Stay tuned.


Dragon's Dolphin said...

Hey glad to see you're up to date on the quilt! Me too! You can see mine at my blog. I just got the feeling that 365 strips would start to get boring, and wouldn't achieve what I wanted. So I changed mine from strips as well. Have a great day!
Crafting together,

Lynn said...

Well you got me curious about what a "calendar quilt" is, so I just spent waaaaay too much time at the calendar quilt challenge, checking out everybody's projects. Very neat! I made my son a quilt for Christmas, from his old marching band t-shirts, and with all the leftover fabric from that project, just last weekend started sewing them together into strips, then cutting those into 12" squares. So maybe I'm doing a calendar quilt and didn't even know it :) Anyway, thanks for blogging about this and giving me inspiration to keep going with my project. I can't wait to keep checking on everyone else's quilts as the year goes on.

rachel griffith said...

it looks great.
and seriously...that's why this challenge is SO fun...because there aren't any specific measurements to follow.