Sunday, December 6, 2009

I'm Back

Hello to all my followers. Sorry I've been MIA, we've been going through a long moving process. My dear hubby has PCS'd from Alaska, and the children and I are now with him as a family again at his new duty station. We've only been in the new house for about a week, so we're still unpacking and trying to get situated. Half of our things from the old house are in storage in NC. I want to apologize for missing projects. This new house has smaller rooms than what we left so I had to really make some hard decisions as to what could come and what had to stay. I do have my sewing machine though. No fabric or notions, had to leave it behind, but I made sure to get the workhorse.

So now we're coming up on my baby's birthday this coming Thursday, she'll be six years old. I plan to have a little something for her at the school since we don't know anyone yet. And right behind that is Christmas, yippee!! My dear husband said Christmas was cancelled for our house this year because of the move we just made and money is a little tight. I don't know about that. My baby believes in Santa Claus and she just doesn't understand what the problem is because Santa brings all the presents in that big bag he carries on his back. They're so cute at this age. So I'm going to have to write Santa a letter to make sure he gets our new address. Don't want him to go to our old place and not know where to send at least one present for my 3 lovelies.

Anyway, the children are finally all dressed so we have to make a quick errand run. I just wanted to give you all a quick update and my apologies on my absence. Will get back in the swing of things after we get a little more settled.