Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rain Delay and Friday Night Sew In

Today's field day at the children's school, and tomorrow's as well, has been postponed till next week because of rain. And when it rains down here it really rains. The children were disappointed to say the least. This makes for a very busy week for me coming up with volunteering at the school on Mon, Tue, and Wed; Thurs being the last day of school; and our trip to NY on Fri. I'll be driving by myself with 3 children to NY, a 15 hour drive. By myself. With 3 children. For 15 hours. Pray for us! LOL.

Anyway, so this will be my last weekend for about 2 weeks to get some sewing time in. Tomorrow is the Friday Night Sew In with Heidi and Bobbi as well as family movie night. So my plan is to sew some items while eating pizza and watching movies with my babies. Big Fun!!

If any of you have some sewing you want to catch up on, and want a chance at winning a few prizes while doing it, go to Heidi or Bobbi's blog and sign up for tomorrow's Friday Night Sew In.


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