Wednesday, May 19, 2010

From shirt to capris

Tomorrow is field day at the childrens' school and I was asked if I could make sure Anaya wore shorts for this day so she could participate in the activities. Anaya wears a skirt or dress 95% of the time, always with shorts or leggings underneath. She only wears shorts to go to bed or to the pool over her swimsuit. So I decided to follow this tutorial to make her some capris. I made a pattern using these shorts that are a bit too big in the waist along with these capris that are the right length but too snug in the bum (why are my pics sideways?). I then took one of dh's old and holey t-shirts

and made these cool looking capris for my lil angel to wear on field day.

Re-purposing is so much fun, and the best part is she loves them!I tried a little reverse applique and made what I thought was a flower. LOL, like I said she loves it, so I'm good.

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Barb said...

adorable....great job!!