Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Night Sew In

Hello everyone! Tonight is the Friday Night Sew In I was telling you all about yesterday. While watching movies and eating pizza with my babies, because today is also family movie night, I have a few projects on my list to sew up. I actually have two lists, a to-do list and a want-to-do list. I will start on the to-do list first because school is over next week and I want to put some baskets together for my babies' teachers.

So let me tell you about the pic below. As you know Earth Day was a few weeks ago. Well my children are still talking about it because they are always thinking of things they can do to save the earth from man's destructive habits. So when Earth Day rolls around it really gets them going. In an effort to reduce our use of paper products, we have put our last roll of paper towels on the spool and once it's done will begin using cloth napkins. So below are a few of the cloth napkins I sewed up earlier this week.
That's just the beginning. I will attempt to make some re-usable snack and sandwich bags. Yes I know school is almost over but we still like to carry snacks around, and with us going to NY we will definitely need them. I am not trying to spend all my money buying food from the street vendors. Some for the childen's experience, but not much.

It's not too late to join the FNSI, just click on the link down on the left and sign up. You could win a cool prize, and get some projects finished as well.


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