Saturday, December 18, 2010

Winter Break!!

WooHoo!! So I'm out of school for winter break, along with the kids, and I'll be out till Jan 13th. I am too excited about that, my brain could really use a break. I've been super busy getting ready for Christmas though (as I'm sure most of you probably are as well), and then my baby celebrated her 7th birthday Friday before last. I have a project on the table for Justin, the plan is to get it finished before I go back to school. Oh, and we have a new puppy that's giving me fits, his name is Max. We're a big dog family but we rescued Max, who's a Yorkshire or Silky Terrier depending on who you ask, from my mom. This little dog is like having a little baby in the house, he's all over the place. The picture below is a bit fuzzy, and he really looks like a Chihuahua in this pic to me. He had just come from the groomer's getting his hair shaved down super low because he was matted terribly. We tried to keep the shirt on him so he wouldn't shiver too much, but he tore that thing off. It lasted about two days and I can't find anymore in his size. On to a different subject, Justin has graduated from the Bear level in the Cub Scouts onto the Webelos level. Yeah for Justin!! Anaya is a Daisy in the Girl Scouts, super exciting for her, and she'll be selling cookies soon. They start on Dec. 24th, crazy to me with the holiday and everything, but I'm told they always do it that way. And we're not allowed to sell door to door, didn't know that either. Alani is our super reader, reading a new book every couple of days. I love, reading is fundamental! Anyway, that's what's going on in our little world lately. Will be back shortly.


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