Saturday, March 20, 2010


Hello everyone, so glad to be back. I've missed talking to you guys. My hubby left on this past Tuesday, boo hoo :( we miss him so much. Wednesday I slipped down the stairs in our house and fell on my back, bumped my head and hurt my neck somehow. Had to go to the ER and get an x-ray. Found out nothing was broken, thank God, but I bruised my ribs. They hurt like heck too. I'm feeling better than I did a few days ago, but to sneeze and cough, is very painful. And wouldn't you know I've been doing a lot of that because I'm sick with a cold or sinus infection or something.

Wednesday night we also realized that we couldnn't get our front door to open. Serious fire hazard. So we called maintenance for that and they came out at 8:45pm to fix it. They have to come back because the windows in two of our bedrooms won't lock. This couldn't have gone on while hubby was here right, of course not. Let's wait till he leaves and then wreak havoc.

Anaya has decided she will not eat her food in school. I've been sending lunch and snack and she just will not eat it. Not that she's talking or anything, but she won't eat. So I may have to go sit with her after my class one day. She may be going through separation anxiety or something with her daddy gone and all.

I started school again this past Monday. Going for my bachelor's in special education.

I don't want to make this post any longer than it already is but I want to show you all a picture of the beauty my hubby got me for Valentine's Day.

Isn't she gorgeous!! Hubby found her at a thrift shop. We googled her, and believe she's a 1908 model. I'm going to have her restored.
I want to show you all the pics of the childeren but after another blogger having her daughter's pics taken from her blog and used for advertising w/o her permission, I'm kinda scared. If anyone knows how to put a watermark on the pics for me to post on here, please let me know so I can share.


Kriza said...

I hope you'll be better soon, I am so sorry for all your troubls. And with your husband gone, it must be even more hard on you.

This Singer machine is like the one my grandmother used, she was a seamstress, and I used to play with it a lot, when spending my holiday at her house. I loved the drawers with all the funny things in them. I have to ask my uncle what happened to the machine, when Grandma moved to them... what a treasure you have! :-)

Get better soon, and all the best with Anaya too!

Kriza said...

I used to be Priscilla for you, but I changed the name as in my Hungarian family blog I use Kriza, and I cannot use two different names sorry if I confused you :-)

Mandy said...

Oh I hope you feel better soon! I'm completing my BEd Sp. Ed. now too! I only have to do my practicum/internship this spring!

Let me know how everything is going! It's such an exciting field.

My Army Brats and Me said...

Thanks for the email. We miss you all! How are you feeling. I need your number.

Love ya