Monday, July 13, 2009

Mini Quilt Monday

Happy Monday everyone!! Have you all heard of Mini Quilt Monday? There's a flickr group that makes mini quilts and showcases them on Monday's. I thought I'd get in on the fun and show a mini quilt of my own. Mini quilts are fun to make because it helps you get your quilt fix without having to put in the time on a big quilt. It's also good for trying out new quilt blocks and quilting designs. There's talk about what size makes a mini a true mini and mess like that. I don't worry about following the rules. As I mentioned before, I like to quilt outside the lines. Doesn't matter to me that my points don't match, or my blocks are off. As long as the quilt functions as a quilt, I'm good. This mini measures 12" by 14". I love the colors, especially the bright orange and yellow. The pic below is the back, my son's favorite part of the quilt. He likes the stitch pattern.
And this is the front. I think the block is called Market Square, or something like that. I found it on my new quilt design software. I like being able to put the colors together on the computer before actually making the quilt. For some reason it helps me to see the colors better on screen than actually having the fabric in hand. Anyway, this is my Mini Quilt Monday.


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