Saturday, May 30, 2009

Does it bug you too?

I was listening to the car radio today, and heard a song that I briefly heard once before. So I'm all excited because I finally get to hear the entire song, YIPEE!! I think it's a lovely song and I wouldn't mind having it, I must know who sings it. So, when the song finishes I wait for the jockey to let us know who the artist is, but he doesn't. That really bugs me. I guess they think maybe we listen to the radio often enough to know by now who are the artists of the songs they play. But I don't. So when the children and I made it back home, I did an extensive search to find out for myself who the artist of that song was. And I did. He's a young man from Detroit named K'Jon. The song is called On The Ocean and is playing on my playlist. So if you have the volume on the speakers turned off, turn them on so you can listen to the muse for my drawing below.

I really like this song. The beat takes me back to when my husband and I were stationed in Korea together. That was a very special time for me. Anyway, when I heard this song I just felt a need to draw it. So I did this drawing, nothing spectacular, but it's something else that I enjoy besides sewing. And I really needed a break from the sewing machine. Until tomorrow that is.


Bea said...

Hi Carlotta!
Please send me your adress. I want to send you your little star!
Happy stitching

Niq Niq said...

OMG I love this song too< i never knew you liked drawing? Me tooooo>>>love ya