Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thanks Melissa!

Melissa from threeprincedesigns has bestowed another award on me. I am not worthy, but boy do I appreciate it. This award is a "Thank You" award because Melissa enjoys reading my blog. How sweet is that!! I love her blog as well and visit it quite often. As a matter of fact, Melissa has lots of cool stuff going on at her blog that I'm sure you all will be interested in. Melissa shares tutorials, Fun with Family Friday (my favorite), and just recently, Monday at the Market. That's the day she shares different sites that are having giveaways, coupon deals, sales discounts and other things that we can buy to help stimulate the economy. So you all go check out Melissa's place when you get a chance. And thanks again Melissa, it's much appreciated.


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Dragon's Dolphin said...

Well I totally agree with Melissa that you deserve it as well! ~Shelly~