Friday, February 6, 2009

Pay It Forward

Thanks to Shelly I am now a part of the Pay It Forward movement. I have seen this around before, but had no clear idea about what it was. Well, it's actually quite simple. The first three people to sign up will receive, within the next 365 days, some handmade goodness from me. The only catch is, to be one of the lucky three, you must agree to continue the chain of handmade goodness to three people of your own. Who doesn't like to get little goodies in the mail? I know I do. Just leave a comment saying you want to sign up, pinky promise to continue the chain, grab the button, post about it on your blog, and start spreading the Pay It Forward love. So what do you say, are you in?



Dragon's Dolphin said...

Carlotta--I need you to email me your snail mail addy please--hard to send you something during this year if I don't have your addy! ;) Glad you're in on mine!

Eleanor said...

This is a lovely idea! But I think I live too far away (in South Africa)to play! I am most impressed with the colour design of your quilt posted in the previous window. Black History, now that is a controversial topic!

Priscilla said...

OKAY, I am in :-)This will be my first pay-it-forward, hope everything will go smoothly.
Kristina (Hungary)

Carlotta said...

Eleanor, thanks for your comment on the quilt. South Africa is not too far for me to send something to you. I wouldn't mind at all if you want to play.

Priscilla, I'm so glad you decided to participate. Email me your mail address.


Priscilla said...

Carlotta, I cannot find your email-adress in your profile :-)
my address is anyoskriszta at
looking forward to your mail!
have a good day,