Thursday, April 22, 2010

This is weird!

Good morning all! Okay, so at 12:57 this morning the phone rings. I rush to it thinking it's my dear hubby who I haven't spoken to in days. I really miss him, gotta get this phone. Who is it? Paypal, or so they say. There was a recording saying that they were Paypal calling for phone confirmation number. I'm like, what?!! So the recorder repeats itself. Please enter your phone confirmation number. Well, for one, it's almost one o'clock in the morning. What in the sam hill is Paypal going to be calling at this time of the hour for? And two, I don't know what they're talking about. So I hang up, disgusted that I had to wake from my sleep and dash to the phone for some nonsense. UGH!!! Anyway, I thought that was kind of weird and wanted to share with you all. Have a blessed day!


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Kaye said...

I hope that you called PayPal to report it. Suere sounds like a scam to me. Thanks for telling us