Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I am finally able to share these pics with you guys. I try to blog when I get a free moment, but then the computer acts up and won't let me upload any pics. Anyway, here are pics of the crafts the children and I did over the holiday.
At the very top is the door sign I made for Anaya's room. It's still not hung yet, but at least it's done. Below that is the clothespin christmas wreath we made. It's used to hold Christmas cards, but we decided it looked best on our coffee table with a few candles in the middle.

I actually managed to take pics of the children as well.
So we have Alani and Anaya posing for the camera. And then Justin. He wouldn't smile any more than that because he doesn't want anyone to see the space from his two front teeth coming out.


Phase Three said...

Your wreath is so clever. Clothespins! What a great idea.

Carlotta said...

Can't take credit for the wreath Phase Three. A friend at work told me about it. So I googled it and the children and I had a great time painting and putting it together.