Monday, November 24, 2008

Yo-yo doll it is not

Okay, so I said that I was working on a yo-yo doll, and here are the yo-yo's I made up for the project. But, I grew tired of making the yo-yo's and wanted to start on something else. I do that a lot. There are just so many things I want to do that I often lose interest in what I start, and move on to something else without completing the first. Well, instead of having another incomplete project sitting around, I still have a purse in the works for Alani, I decided to use the yo-yo's to make this little critter. I saw a vintage pattern, sold out of course, that had a pic of a similar critter. So I thought, instead of the doll, I'd try to make something like that. Now, had I been able to get the pattern, I'm sure I wouldn't have had so much trouble trying to figure this out. But, none the less, here it is. Alani says it looks like a caterpillar, so that's what we're calling it. I haven't decided what to use for the antennas yet, and knowing me it'll probably go without just so I can start on my next project. And yes, I know that it's sideways, I don't know why that is though. It wasn't that way when I uploaded it. Anyway, just crank your head a little to the right, and it'll look just fine. So, with that done I'm off to start my next project. I'm not going to say what it is because I may change my mind again midstream.
Enjoy! Tootles!!
P.S. I haven't yet figured out how to fix the time on this thing. It may not be important to you all, but it's driving me nuts. The time now is 10:28pm CT

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